When Seller is reached.

Hi this is _______, Is ______available?

I’m calling from Blake Investment Group and we reached out to you by mail in reference to selling your home for CASH…

Did you receive one of our BLUE envelopes or postcards from kenBIGblake?

Ok, are you looking to sell your home at this present time.

Great! Well let me just ask you a couple of quick questions so we can verify our info and set up an appointment to come see your place before making a cash offer.

VoiceMail Script:

For Voicemails

Hi this is ____ calling from Blake Investment Group.

We recently sent you a BLUE envelope or postcard inquiring about purchasing your home for CASH.

If you are looking to sell please call us back at 833 607-4357 ext 802.

We may also have sent you an email with the subject line I WANT TO BUY YOUR HOME FOR CASH

We look forward to talking with you. Have a BIG day!

Videos: Cold Calling Techniques

Build Rapport With The Seller.